Baxi Burnall infomation

The Baxi Burnall system takes the air needed for combustion from under the floor or outside the room

The increased efficiency and extra control of a Baxi system, combined with the convenience of not having to empty the ash after each use of the fire, make living with a solid fuel fire even more pleasant.

The fire is built on a lower than normal grate and draws the air to burn the fuel from under the floorboards through a pipe.

The air to the fire passes through a control valve operated by an air control lever on the front of the grate. This can open or close the pipe which means that you can effectively turn a Baxi fire up or down as necessary. It is easy to put fuel on the fire, turn it down, go out for a few hours and still have a fire burning when you return.

If a deepening bar is installed at the front of the grate it enables a larger fire to be built. With the deepening bar or overnight burning plate, a fire can burn overnight and then be quickly turned up in the morning.

Using a Baxi fire will reduce the draughts in a room because the combustion air for the fire is coming directly from outside and so less of the air from the room is going up the flue.

Underfloor draught systems, of which the Baxi is the most common, have been in use since the 1920s. They really became commonplace after the 2nd world war when the government gave grants for such systems to be installed to conserve energy supplies.

The Baxi Burnall system is the only underfloor draught system still in full production. There are a range of water boilers available for the Burnall which can run small central heating systems, or just provide hot water.

The Burnall fire can be installed in almost any type of house or bungalow with a normal brick flue, or an equivalent class I flue.

As the name suggests, this fire will happily burn almost all available fuels, including logs, household and smokeless coal and the newer "Heat log" type fuels.

There are two methods of ash disposal, Lift-out and Outside ashbox.

Lift-Out ash systems have a deep ashpan accessed from inside the house. The fire has to be out to do this. This type of fire will need emptying after every 2-3 days of use.

If the chimney is on an external wall, then an outside ashbox can be used.
Outside Systems are emptied from outside which makes no mess in the house. The ashpan can be emptied with the fire still lit so the fire can burn continuously. The ashbox will need to be emptied after a couple of days of using the fire.

There are 5 sizes of Burnall fires, measured by the width of the fireplace opening.
These are 16, 18, 20, 22, and 24 inches.

The Fireplace opening heights for Burnall fires are ideally not more than 20 Inches