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Fire Guards and Screens

A selection of firescreens and fireguards to contain sparks from your fire and stop accidental intrusion of hands, loose clothing etc into the fire.
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De Vielle Heritage gated stove guard DEV220
Gated stove guard in cream DEV220
DEV 177 - 3 fold screen classic  - Cat: DEF055177
Bow top classic 3 panel screen DEV177
DEV 926 - Bowed firescreen (pewter)  - Cat: GUD035926
Bowed firescreen (pewter) DEV 926
DEV889 - 4 fold screen in black  - Cat: GUD035889
De Vielle 4 panel firescreen DEV889
DEV896 - 4 fold firescreen (black/brass)  - Cat: GUD035896
De Vielle 4 panel firescreen DEV896
DEV935 - Bowed firescreen (black)  - Cat: GUD035935
Bowed firescreen (black) DEV 935
Dome Spark Guard (black) DEV872
Dome Spark Guard (black) DEV872
Dynasty 3 Panel Fire Screen in black 0081796
3 panel black fireguard 0081796
Dynasty 3 panel fire screen in black/chrome
3 fold screen in black/chrome 0082091
Dynasty 4 panel firescreen in black
Dynasty 4 panel firescreen in black 0081771
Gated stove guard (black) DEV621
Gated stove guard in black DEV621
Heavy duty domed spark guard (large) DEV 711A
Large heavy duty domed spark guard DEV 711A
Heavy duty domed spark guard DEV 003
Heavy duty domed spark guard DEV003
Large Ascot fireguard (black) 0081976
The large Ascot fireguard 0081976
Large Heavy Duty Fireguard (black) DEV 153
Sturdy, large fireguard DEV153
Nursery Guard DEV 663
Black Nursery Guard DEV663
Rectangular Guard DEV 012
Compact fireguard DEV 012
Standard heavy duty fireguard DEV735
Heavy duty fireguard (standard size) in black DEV735
Windsor fireguard in brass 0081980
Windsor brass fireguard 0081980
Windsor fireguard in chrome 0081979
Chrome Windsor fireguard 0081979

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