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Replacement Fireplace Bars

Black bars are suitable for both solid fuel and gas fires. Highlighted bars (like the photographs) will 'blue' with the heat of a solid fuel fire so if in doubt go for the black option which is more traditional.
NOTE: These bars are all intended to fit the Gallery range of reproduction fireplaces. They are faithful reproductions of traditional bars but may need some simple metalwork to adapt them to your original fireplace.



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B1 Free standing bars (black) - 1200001

A slightly bulged profile suits a Joyce stool grate. Actual width 445 mm. Ref:1200001

B3 Free standing bars (black)

A simple geometric design make these bars a common replacement for Originals from cast iron inserts with tile panels. The profile suits a WW grate. Ref: 1200016 Actual width 533 mm

B10 hook on bars (black)

Free standing fireplace bars with a band of floral decoration to the base. Actual Width 510 mm. Ref:1200002

B12 Hook On Bars (black)

Hook On Bar with geometric engraving on the ashpan cover. Actual width 530 mm. Ref: 1200003

B15 Free standing bars (black)

Commonly known as "Daisy" bars as the profile of the bars matches that of the 14 inch Daisy grate. Actual width 405 mm. Ref: 1200004

B16 Free standing fireplace bars

A set of free standing fireplace bars that suits 12 inch wide fireplace openings. Actual width 340 mm. Ref: 1200005

B24 Free standing bars (black)

B24 freestanding/hook on bars Ref: 1200010

B25F  Freestanding (Newman) bars (black)

These freestanding bars are fully curved from end to end finishing in conical headed uprights. Ref: 1200011

B26 Free standing bars (black)

The ashpan cover has the Art Nouveau "squashed tulip bulb" motif found on the surround of the Northmoor and Tulip cast iron inserts. Ref: 1200012

B29 Hook on bars (black)

B29 Hook on bars

B33 Slide In bars (black)

B33 Slot in bars for a 14 inch arched fireplace opening. Ref:1200019

B34 Hook on bars (black)

These are the black bars for the "Prince" cast iron insert. Ref: 1200020

B36 Slide In bars (black)

Three curved bars ending in conical topped uprights. Ref: 1200022

B37H Highlighted Slide In bars

These are the bars from the Merrion, Windsor and Fitzwilliam horseshoe arch type cast iron inserts. Ref: 1190013

B39 Slide In bars (black)

These bars are for the Bolton and Lytton arch inserts. Ref: 1200024

B5F Free standing bars (black)

These bars are best suited to use with a flatfronted grate with upstand such as the 16 inch AL. Ref: 1200029

B9F Free standing bars (black)

These bars are best suited to use with a flatfronted grate with upstands such as the 16 inch AL. Bars ref:1200030

B12H Hook on bars (highlight)

Hook on bars for an 18 inch wide opening

B15H Freestanding bars (highlight)

Freestanding 'Daisy' bars (highlight version) B15H

B16H Freestanding bars (highlight)

Freestanding bars that suit a 12 inch wide fire opening. Ref: 1190002

B24H Freestanding bars (highlight)

Free standing bars for a 16 inch fire opening

B25H Curved Hook on bars (highlight)

Curved bars for an arched fireplace opening

B26H Highlighted Freestanding Bars

Highlighted Art Nouveau bars for a 16 inch fire opening

B33H slot in highlighted bars for 14 inch opening

B33H Slot in curved bars for 14 inch cast iron arched inserts

B34H Hook on bars (highlight) for Barcelona fireplace

Hook on bars for a 14 inch wide fire opening B34H

B36H Slot in Curved highlighted bars for 16 - 17 inch arch

Curved and highlighted bars to suit 16 - 17 inch arched opening width

B39H Slot in bars for Lytton and Bolton Arch (highlight)

Highlighted bars for Lytton and Bolton inserts